Protecting Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves

Florida Guardianship Attorney

When someone you care for is no longer able to safely make decisions for themselves due to declining health or injury, the appointment of a guardian can ensure they are properly looked after, safe, and comfortable.


Guardian’s Obligation

What Do They Do?

A guardian exercises the rights of an incapacitated person when the incapacitated person is unable to do so themselves. The guardian handles their financial affairs, medical affairs, and overall well-being, all subject to strict court oversight.

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If a guardianship is necessary for your loved one, Attorney Matechik can help you. He will work closely with you to navigate the guardianship court process to get your loved one the help they need.

Naming a Guardian

Who Can Serve as Guardian?

Attorney Matechik can help you decide if a guardianship is the best course of action and provide options about who can serve as a guardian, including you, if you choose to do so.